Do you really think

“women empowerment “

is successful?

Absolutely no ! Well with the  women of inspiration , I would like to begin with the  quote by Mrs michelle obama “As women we must stand up for ourselves , As women we must stand up for each other , As women we must stand up for justice for all” this says that strong girl make strong women and strong women can make the world strong! 

While I was working for a project in Delhi, she was my colleague  who is a strong advocate for women and rights and gender equality and her goal was to give education for poor girls and also help widows to get pension and mentor girls to access their rights but how long this went for?

After a few days, not even months, her husband and in laws came to know about her activity and i could all say that was the last day of her freedom, they literally locked her up in a room without a humanity.  How fair is this ? this is just 1% of the world and can you think about remaining women who are facing similar? Absolutely this shows failure of women empowerment !

Before getting in to the actual topic, I would like to talk about women how special they are? A woman is very beautiful creature of God and she is associated with everything  of her kind heart, tolerance as well as strength. Novels and poetries and even women empowerment quotes uphold the nobleness of a women. You might think why you feel powerful when you read the quotes of a strong woman because you are much more worthwhile  than what you think.

On women’s day Gender equality is addressed and their achievements of women along with encouraging  more and more women to pursue their dreams and change. 

On the other side there exist a mystery in world from past to present in many countries women’s faces lots of discrimination and problems, many women need to  fight for their rights which could bring immense changes in global scenario. It is not enough of having a many inspirational and strong woman in many places, even now in many places in the world it is a crime for being born as a woman.

There is no limit that number of problems facing by women today is killing for not giving dowry, rape, honour killing, gender discrimination and still many more. Yet indian society are considered as head right to equality is guaranteed by the constitution

Even from times ancient times women empowerment is much needed mainly because of gender description and male dominance in indian society.

Gender equality has an important indicator by giving equal rights to women and men which in turn helps to rebuild our society and  world on greater development.

Gender equality that doesn’t mean male and female has to be treated equally, it is giving equal status and values to males and females. Equal rights are not enough but inequality has existed in mind and when people mind changes world changes.

Even our women population is 50% but most of them are not supported with independent identity, free of speech, education rights and voting power. For the true development of the country elimination of gender bias and restriction of education and poor access to health service and  employment and freedom of speech has to be intiated.

The real empowerment lies in mens who gives her freedom to chose her career, clothes, spouse, and still many more but this happens rarely especially in india. wishes of her are chosen by her parents either guardian and world decides her character by her clothes, where i can say people mind has become so poisonous that changing their mind set has a huge gap and i thought this discrimination is found only in rural where i was completely wrong this also happens in urban or metropolitan city.

The intention of empowerment is encouraging her to be self reliant and give her confidence in various difficult situations and encourage active participant in social development. There are so many women who have great talent like acting,  scientist but they happen to be nowhere  only because they are women.

Main role of women empowerment is to strengthen the social, educational and economic powers of women and main intention is to create a gender equality environment with equal rights in society and in the workplace .

And last but not the least, men contribution is very much important here!

We are in a society where men hold the power and women are excluded from it , this doesn’t help a women in no way in achieving her dreams or working for the society.

As a man, he cannot even imagine  what problems faced by an average woman and it is very important to understand inequality between men and women and he must stand up with daily struggles of women.

Men have  fears and they think by supporting women empowerment or women they lose the benefits, greater balance is achieved only through gender equality.

Being a women i too expect a voice but it is very clear that they are dumb even though they have ears.

Finally by empowering women let us try to change the lives of many women by making their dreams come true and helping them to fight for their rights.

Women empowerment is much needed for bright future for women, family as well as to the  country.

So, be a person who can bring a change in each women life  by empowering them and each one of us should know we are the one who is responsible of enlightening the world, let us be great support for all the womens who are facing still this discrimination.


Today and now by promising myself and yourself we are here to achieve each women’s freedom of dream by standing all of us together.

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