Many of us are not aware of many valuable things since we are so busy running behind money and neglecting to share love, care and be kind to people. However it is very important for all of us to know that certain things do exist that we must be aware to balance our life.

In fact, I would like to give you an example of “ THE BOILING FROG THEORY ”, take a vessel of water and put a frog in to the vessel, start heating the vessel but the frog keeps adjusting to the temperature of the water and the frog tries to jump out the vessel only when the water reaches to the boiling temperature and ofcourse frog dies very soon, the fact is frog can jump even before water reaches boiling point but it got adjust to its body temperature accordingly. 

Even though frog had a chance to be alive due to its state of being unable to jump out at the right time. 

This implies to our life also, of course  we need to get adjusted with environment surroundings of people and situations but more than this we need to be aware of certain situations and take the right decisions to move on when we get a time to face situations and take proper actions.  It is very important for us to know when to jump.  

Many of us have supportive, friends and family but even though some people will exploit to disturb us both physically and mentally, it is our choice to give them an opportunity to handle us. It might be difficult for coming out but it has a high chance of unexpectedly rewarding. 

The best decision makers guides the situation in favour of them, the more time you consume the more regresion you need to face. There is no power for regretting for not taking the right decision at the right time because the real time we have is now and today.

Every situation is different and the only person is you who knows truly about the situation and the right time to make a decision for coming out. 

 Yes! Ask yourself  these questions when you decide to jump! 

Analyse both positive and negative aspects of the situation & people. 

How can i make the opportunity to get the best possible outcome?

How does this situation benefits me? 

What is the worst possible outcome I can expect? 

What have I learnt from the situation & people?

Nobody will be fully prepared for the possibility, the time to come out is your  own choice. So, ” let us jump before we lose our strength.”

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