Does humanity really exist?

Thousands of animals across the world has been abused only for the sake of entertainment to the people. Exploiting animals in asia is increasing day by day in horrific way, from tiger to cats their parts of body is used just to give happiness for the people. 

We humans threatens wildlife by hunting them and capturing for the profit, suffering is unseen where people have become blind even though they have eyes. Animal abuse is common both in rural as well as in urban areas.  Cruelty to animals has to be taken seriously at large step to save the animals as much as possible. 

There are even studies which show that women who had companion animals is tortured by the partners in abusive relationship. Domestic violence towards animals is nowhere reduced and creates fear for the animals. 

It is very important to teach children at an early age to be kind and protect animals in need and this inspires future generations. 

Cockfighting and other forms such as this happens across world due to public corruption,in many cases animal cruelty has happened due to ignorence, pets are taken from the site due to result of ignorance for medical care. 

When we talk about  wild animal abuse, intentionally animals such as elephant, tigers are attacked to make the profit of money.  

Even though hunting and killing animals is illegal, people are heartless and in favour of their own selfishness. 

Look at images of animals which is most important to see by every human being!


Over the years, humans are killing 100 million sharks every year, sharks are killed for the consumption of shark fin soup especially in china, most of the haunters they throw back the shark back in the water after chopping its fin and they die bled or attacked by other animals. 

studies show that almost 33percent shark fins are sale in hong kong, shark skin are used to make clothing and articles and its oil is used as lubricant, medical purposes.


Tigers are killed by humans in a tragic way , this leads to wildlife shrinks gradually. Some people across the world believes that tiger skin has a magical power and it protects the owner from black magic. Tigers skins are made as belt to protect from the bad spirit, where as tiger forehead is believed to bring good luck for the owners. This directly shows how people are cruel to animals due to their own selfishness. 


Animal cruelty to cat varies state by state, people are cruel to cats for various reasons some are negligble lack of proper care, it is very important to educate owners before adopting the pet animals. 

Cats that live outside are risk of being abused by others than owners and may be mistreated and it is believed black cats are abused more than normal cats because people think black cats bring bad luck and more problem to owners. 

Does the color of skin of the animals gives so much impact, and don’t forget even humans are dark in color. 


It is the world’s fastest animals towards extinction, and Humans are the main reason to kill cheetah where their claws are used as a pendant by humans. 


Rhinos are facing fight for their lifeline and they are haunted for their horns  is growing in demand. More than 1200 rhinos are killed in 2014 where record says and price of horn is higher and higher estimated up to $60, 000 and on the other side leaving rhinos to bleed and death.

On the other side Rhino horns are used for medical purposes to treat such as fever, typhoid, etc. 


Elephants are hunted to take their tusk which fetches higher price and some elephants are hunted for sports, many are hunted by villagers to use for work and it is said to be extremely easy to train animals 

Main reason for hunting elephant is for the purpose of ivory worth of ton of money.


Humans are so  mean , dolphins are killed just to lower the competition with fishermen, and accidental catches in fishing nets. In some cases it is used as crab bait to sell for higher profit. 

It has also been sold as meat in many restaurants in certain countries.  Due to construction of dams, waterways have left to thousands of dolphins to death. What else is left ?

Polar Bear!

Extinction of the polar bear is faster than we thought, as a result of climate change, ice of the sea is melting and forcing the bears to travel further for the purpose of prey.

Polar bears also hunted for its skin for $10,000 or more.  


Each year bulls are slaughtered and have found countless ways to use them for fighting, their horns are shaved to keep them balance and to keep the crowd happy bulls ears or tails cut off to be presented as trophy. 

let us not ignore even minor act of cruelty to animals, below are few links given for the reference to contact when you find people being cruel to animals.

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