According to a recent report says, nearly half of the population is not satisfied with their job or salary and this in turn affects life. Some populations are not happy with their marital status too as we can see  countless number of devorce per day.

Some are not motivated in to day to day activities that becomes the huge drawback in their life and Some are depressed for no reason.

Each and every person has their own unique path in life, some might give excuses for their failure but some achieve their goals without a break.

Changing lifestyle may change your life and they all seemed to be important.

Here are 3 signs your life alarms you to change your lifestyle.

#1 Your clothes fit tighter on you than they used to be! 

Fitness: I used to hate mirrors these days  because I just put on weight recently since a few months. I was a skinner with a unique body shape down to magic weight number.

Fitness will always help you control your weight, bone strengthens and reduce cardiac disease, for no reason fitness is not ignored by anyone. Clothes become tighter unless you build your muscle. 

This might be a sign for you to shrink of your weight and get back to the shape.

Clues: Eat healthy foods include more proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Water actually claims weight loss, drink 0.5 litres water and make sure you consume water before every meal.

Eating slow will help you eat fewer calories and helps you to increase more weight loss hormones.

Replace fat with coconut oil.

Don’t  skip out 7 hours sleep.

Floss your teeth after eating it helps you less tempted to grab an unnecessary snack.

#2 Hard time getting out of your bed every morning.

For Many of us it is the biggest struggle waking up every morning, it is not because we are living with depression or anxiety or we have done enough work. We are actually not done enough work or we have done too little work, it gives us complete dissatisfaction.

There is no realisation that one feels unpleasant when the alarm goes off, this is a huge sign you need to be aware off,  you can never feel happy in your life when you don’t do work which sparks a light in you.

clues|Even if you are not happy with your job but make sure you follow your dream after your work and stay focused, if you are in a dead end job, it is time to change the path for new opportunity.

Good news is that there is a solution for every problem. Learn to ask a question every time in whatever work you do? this method called KAIZEN was invented by china people. For more information regarding Kaizen method, google is the place for all!

Make your weekend more productive that has to relate to your dream, you might be experiencing extra jet lag, keep your intention strong and use a different schedule.

The real advice is to set an alarm only when you need to get up instead of waking up an hour back.

Write down each of your goals and read them out loud every morning and night before you sleep and as soon as you wake up. It helps you to focus on your goal even when you are not happy with your life.

#3 Avoid carrying your credit card balance over a month.

Every person has a favourable benefit of credit card during their emergency time but it gives you a bad time to face when you carry over the balance for more than a month. It is literally not ok to carry over credit card balance. High balances always hurt your credit score.

Burn money instead of paying high interest with late fees is tossing your earned cash into trash.

Clues: Try making outstanding  payment on the due date so the interest cost is less.

Take the help of customer care service, as they can give you some more time.

Convert in to EMI amount which lowers your interest rate.

Avoid using credit card abroad.

Hence, when you are aware of these signs in your life, make use of clues which i have mentioned and take your life style to the next step.

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