Why focus matters?

Often times we struggle with focus in most of the parts of life, when our mind gets scattered there will be no fruitfulness to be done. Many say we have to focus on what is important rather than unnecessary thinking, but how many of you follow? very few people I can say. 

It is not because they are lazy or not interested, they lack discipline and self confidence. Focus is directly proportional to productivity, this is the main reason why focus matters so much. 

How can you improve focus? 

Before you try to improve your focus, you have to make your monkey mind calm and relaxed, just focus on your breath for a minute.

Start your day the night before, before sleeping make sure you create a plan for the next day  and do not rely only on plan, you should be much more flexible for the upcoming situations. Create a mental picture of the next day’s work slowly and just let go sleep.

Start living in the present moment, people are finding difficult to focus because they never live in the present moment. Take five minutes and select any object around you and try observing only the object of its color, texture continuously. By doing this exercise you can improve your focus gradually. 

Start asking why? for everything you do, so this helps you to know the reason behind your work. When you are in touch with why, it reminds you of the purpose of your life.

Always set a clear goal, and again visualize your goal as soon as you wake up. Don’t forget to take a short break while you are working.

Keep practising, any skill can be achieved by practising, focus is also skill practise until you achieve. 

Why friends are temporary?

Any time in life, you should be ready to accept the fact that “friendship is temporary. Most of the friendships are not long lasting, in different life  phases people come and go, here comes the reality. Many people remember their friends even from first grade but hardly one or two persons travels with you further. 

Some people wrongly come to the conclusion that when friendship fades, the reason behind is could be selfishness, lack of caring for any reason might be, it is all about life setting. Some relationships must be maintained but even this can change due to the circumstances or situations. 

But you have to keep chin up in this reality and move on from normal to dead friendship. 

Temporary friendship teaches you things about yourself and you start developing a lesson in your life. 

Why money matters?

Does money really matters? Money can buy anything but not happiness! Even though you cannot buy happiness, money is much needed to survive in this world.

Money creates an opportunity, yes money allows us to improve our career which in turn helps you to have more options in life on the other hand money will let other people decide your character, now a days with proper funding you will be able to achieve your dreams, there are still many more opportunities that you can make use of money.

Money can reflect your consciousness, it is very important for all of us that reflection of how you think and feel because your conscious matters to the whole world. 

Money matters to the marriage, family and children. Childrens grows like a weed but that doesn’t mean they can survive just like that, by providing them proper food and education you are becoming powerful parent in your life.

Yes! Money matters to have peace of mind, if you truly want to be peaceful, you need to have proper wealth and health, so it is the right time to find path for your abundance if you are not found yet.

Money matters, of course but money isnt everything.

Why career is above everything ?

If your career is over, you need to put more effort to have a proper sustain in life. When you were pursuing education in life you were not bothered about paying bills since this responsibility was taken by your parents. But very soon once after your schooling you have to find an opportunity to work because sooner or later you have to pay the bills. So, instead of drowning it is better to have a proper particular career. 

Instead of choosing multiple career, it is good to focus on one career this helps you to put less efforts to achieve your dreams. You need to look at yourself honestly and assess your strengths and weaknesses to set your career according to your interest .

Amazing career will give you more satisfaction and level of freedom in your life. Career can give you a happy retirement and let your personal life breath and at last it gives you meaning and purpose of your life. 

Why looks matters?

No matter how much you deny, people will always judge your appearance before judging a character.

Clothing is primary to create a positive impression, all i can say clothing has a direct relation between you and your character. Dressing sharp will always helps you to be more confident and also it teaches you responsibility.

When you look more attractive people will have more positive impressions and they tend to remember more often, yes! Of Course it helps in dating as well. Keeping these things, be fit and dress up well and look best, so that later don’t regret.

Why mental strength matters?


Picture someone who is mentally strong, most of you will remember athlete because they bounce back as often as they fail. What happens when you are not strong enough mentally? The danger of mental weakness leads you to have low confidence, low self esteem and fear of rejection in every part of life. If you don’t train your brain well you will end up with self limiting beliefs. You cannot create positive life until and unless you are mentally strong. 

Building mental strength is the key for self satisfaction life. Just like if you don’t exercise physically our body becomes weak and this is similar to mental strength as well, make sure you exercise your brain as often as you can to improve your mental strength. 

Even though sometimes mental strength doesn’t give you success but it shows the direction to learn from the mistake. 

To improve your mental strength you need to be aware of the present moment and your habits.

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