Change is always scary ! For each one of us it is harder to stick to the change. However, the key to improving yourself is to approach the change for success  instead of hoping for success.

Many people are not satisfied with their lives and they  are not ready to take up a chance to change their lives and live with the fear throughout. 

Whether in career or in a relationship , if you resist change for the good cause you lack behind the growth. However here are 40 simple ways to change yourself for pretty much fulfilling life.

1. Cultivate a habit of reading books rather than using social media.

2. Learn to take responsibilities instead of giving excuses.

3. Understanding is better than judgement.

4.Forgiveness keeps the mind calm when you stop keeping grudges.

5.Without an action dream is impossible

6. Start chasing yourself rather than chasing people.

7.Politeness always beats rudeness

8. Past is useless when you start smiling at future

9. Learn to face reality instead of lying to yourself.

10. Ambitious life is much more interesting than boring life.

11.Self dependency is much more comfortable than relying on others.

12. Your own research provides more truth than the media.

13.Live a spiritual life than being materialistic.

14. Make a journey of impressing yourself than impressing others.

15.Focus on things you can improve and overthinking leads to failure of life.

16. Broad minds gives a bigger picture than taking things personally.

17.Happiness lies always in helping others than expecting from others

18.Drinking more water keeps you healthy than consuming carbonated drinks.

19. Invest your time in developing skills rather than focusing on unwanted things.

20.Kindness is more powerful than being hard on yourself.

22.Have a comparison only with yourself and stop comparing with others.

21.Have confidence about the future rather than being hopeless.

23. Get an addiction to healthy foods and urge to quit the junk foods.

24.Earning your place in society is much more worthier than sense of entitlement.

25.Stop saying yes when you want to say no!

26. See the funny side of life than being overly serious person.

27. Importance of being patience is pretty higher than being hasty.

28. Admit your weakness to strengthen your soul.

29. Declutter your home to keep your mind clean.

30. Take the stairs instead of opting lifts.

31. Start listening to motivational speeches and stop watching unwanted news.

33.Commit to saving more money than spending for unnecessary stuffs.

32. Do a job you enjoy .

34.Positive thinking will always leads positive life when you stop thinking negatively. 

35.Be less reactive when you hear something that upsets you.

36.Start each day by asking yourself “ how can i change my life today?”

37. You will acknowledge better when you pay attention to the present moment.

38. Never stop learning.

39.Make yourself as number one priority.

40. Always aim to create a positive habits than focusing on results.

I hope these simple ways creates a bigger impact which could lead to improve the closest of your goals. 

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